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Paying for Merchant Fees

There are so many companies to chose from that do merchant processing and it is extremely hard to choose the right one. All of them say pretty much he same thing and say they offer the same services till you are set up and your rates start to vary, hidden fees start popping up every month and then you call to cancel and you find out that you are locked into a 3 year contract.

Make sure the company that you choose offer these:

Lowest Rates Available Anywhere
Quick Settlement Approval
Increased Sales Opportunities
Free Equipment
Fast and Easy Transactions
Dedication To Customer Service
Increased Efficiency – Next Day Funding

Look for a company that is in the business to save the most possible money and increase the bottom line of our clients by offering the best possible rates possible.

HOW CAN SOME COMPANIES OFFER THIS – Simple these companies only work solely with “Low to Medium Risk” Merchants and not work with “high risk” merchants, which allows them to offer the best possible rates every time. More or less dealing with mom & pop shops and small to medium businesses. If your company has a minimal “chargeback” ratio then getting you set up with an amazing rate should not be in issue.

Being a profitable business today is hard enough, conducting business in today’s world is hard, being a small business is even harder. Having the right merchant company honestly should not even be a concern that you have to deal with. But the problem is they are such a key part of the business, without a merchant processor you could not accept payments. Do your self a favor shop around when choosing a merchant company and if you are already processing and have a merchant account it is a smart idea to still shop around to make sure you are getting the best service and best rates out there.